Thursday, April 30, 2009

An officer with no manners

This is the email that I sent recently.

Dear Immigration Dept,

I am writing to complain on the conduct and behaviour of one of your staff in the Passport Unit by the name of En. Husaini.

Below is a summary of events that happened in the Immigration Dept @ Pusat Bandar Damansara around 8.00a on the 30th April 2009:
  • I was directed to see En. Husaini after I complained about the form that is being used (IM . 42B - Pin.2/93) is not clear and misleading
  • I wanted to update my daughter's picture on her passport and the instructions on the form do not say whether or not my daughter has to be present
  • En. Husaini explained to me that the procedures require my daughter to be present in order for them to do face recognition. I accepted his explanation.
  • I then complained about the form not stating clearly about the procedure and he clearly stated it was not his responsibility on what's written on the form
  • He walked away and made the following remark, "Orang lain pun boleh/reti paham", which I believe is really unprofessional and degrading coming from an officer in the public service department
  • I felt insulted and asked him what he meant by that
  • He started raising his voice and even tried to get one of the staff involved by asking her to be the witness
  • He arrogantly gave me a complaint form so I can make a complaint about him without a slightest guilt
  • Fortunately, En. Tarmizi, the HOD, was there to handle the situation
This is the worst experience that I have ever had when dealing with an officer from the PSD. What kind of behaviour or attitude is this officer showing? Where did he learn his manners when dealing with customers. And what worry me even more is the fact that the officer is so young that you wonder what will happen in 10 years time when he assumes a more senior position. 

The fact that the officer himself did not offer an apology made me to officially submit this complain through this channel.

Thank you.

Let's just wait for the reply before I proceed and send it out to the papers.

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