Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A unique affiliate model

There's a new Ebook I have just come across which I predict will become very popular.

It presents a strategy for selling any type of product using methods which will never become obsolete. Plus an ingenious twist which will send your traffic rocketing.

The Ultimate SuperTip, written by Harvey Segal (Mr SuperTips) is neatly set out, easy to follow, written without hype and not littered with annoying links.

And the cost of this book ?

It's free !

And it ends with an amazing idea for making you money from the book itself. I'd rush to get this book now if I were you at

Monday, September 28, 2009

Snatch Theft Signage

This morning, as I was driving in Bangsar, I saw this new signage and managed to take a snap of it. The visual is not appealing and professional at all.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

think big, plan big and ACT

Ramadhan or the month of fasting for muslims had been a wonderful and challenging time for me personally. It wasn't the fasting but rather the life changing events that happened during that blessed month. Here are some of the things that took place in Ramadhan:-
  • Parted with Trax after 22 months (few contractual complications but managed to sort them out)
  • Started on my own as a Web Solutions Specialist (I'll explain the term later)
  • Cut down unnecessary monthly expenses
  • Switched phone lines and broadband to Digi
  • Attended Cradle Investment Program and Pre-Seed Fund talks
  • Prepared a business plan (1st draft)
  • Was given a small contract job at a utility company, alhamdulillah
  • Proposed an SMS solution to a utility company
  • Gathered requirements to propose a product estimation system to a factory in Shah Alam
  • Approached by a headhunter and later was interviewed by a broadcasting company (not sure whether I'm ready to get back to employment)
  • Received my final paycheck from Trax on the last day before raya (my duit raya)
I thank god for giving me the strength and courage to go through everything with the support of my wife, parents and family.

I couldn't agree more with the saying that you would not know how good your thoughts and plans are until you act on them. It's the ACTION that counts.

Salam Aidilfitri

Happy Eid to my family, relatives, friends and my fellow bloggers and readers.

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