Sunday, October 31, 2010

Evenesis Interview Featured on

A fellow entrepreneur, Yowchuan, recently interviewed me when he heard about the release of Evenesis, an online event management solution.

He has published the interview here -

Check it out.

More info on Evenesis can be found here -

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Event Management made easy

On behalf of everyone in Y Us, I'm proud to announce the birth of Evenesis to the world.

What is Evenesis?
It is a complete end-to-end event management solution that helps you manage your conference, exhibition, wedding, training, convocation, party, open house, or any event of any size

Why Evenesis?
To simplify, automate and deliver joy to your day-to-day event management activities

Who can use Evenesis?
You can be a professional event planner who organizes big events such as conferences and exhibitions, a part time or freelance wedding planner or even a regular user who has no experience at all in organizing an event.

How much do I have to pay to use Evenesis?
Currently, we are offering it for free.  More info can be found in our FAQ.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

15-minute block

I've read somewhere that no matter how busy you are, you should be able to organize yourself if you prioritize your work accordingly.

Try allocate 15 mins of your time per day and focus on doing one thing (just one thing that you've been wanting to do all along but don't yet have time for it). It could be:
  • writing a short blog post, a tweet, or an fb status update
  • sending a thank you note
  • getting to know your officemates, or neighbors
  • calling up your families, relatives and friends or chatting online
  • listing down your daily, weekly or monthly goals
  • listening to your favorite songs and doing nothing else
  • watching a short video clip (youtube) or webinar online
  • sharing your experience and knowledge
  • cycling, running or jogging (or maybe doing some situps or pushups)
  • buying presents or gifts for someone you care
  • learning a new word and its power
  • driving without honking or cursing
  • fixing your broken stuffs
  • tidying your room/office space
  • ....

The list can be endless. Now, what can you do within your 15-min block everyday?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I feel really bad for not updating this blog lately. In fact, this is my 1st post in 2010 (yes, i know it's going to be March next week).

But, I guess it is still not too late for me to briefly post some of my backlog thoughts, stories and experience since my last post.
  1. Books - Thanks to my family, relatives and friends, I've received quite a number of them for my birthday in Dec (Ford County, Playing for Pizza, Paths of Glory, Weird Ideas That Work) The list of books I plan to reading, currently am reading and have read are shared in Shelfari here

  2. Birthday - Celebrated 3 times with 3 different cakes. Had a blast with the indispensables (you know who you are) or should I call you guys my lynchpins? (to borrow the title of Seth Godin's latest book). Pictures are shared in my wife's fb album here

  3. Businesses & Projects - Completed a SharePoint project in one of the GLCs and few other freelanced stuffs. Alhamdulillah, collecting payments have not been a problem so far. Planning to go bigger in 2010.

  4. 2009 - What a year it has been for me and my wife. Never thought of doing impossible things and tasks throughout the year. Quitting my 'stable' job was the most challenging decision I've made this year (Thanks nOami for your continuous and full support through my ups and downs so far, love you dear).

  5. Y Us? Evenesis? - A new company to be formed in 2010 to carry a product called Evenesis. which is planned to be launched by 3rd quarter of 2010. This was the result of the approval of our Technopreneur Pre-Seed Fund Application on the eve of my birthday.

  6. 2010 Resolution - Plenty to write here but will sum it up in my next post.

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